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Voice Post: Ghostdancing Part I

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Jan. 27th, 2007 | 03:03 pm

898K 5:05
“Well, gosh, it’s really hard to communicate everything I want to communicate on this blog because of time, because of limitations, I can only do it five minutes at a time, and because it’s difficult to say things so quickly in a real and unedited kind of way.

I want to express to all of you that were in the healing circle how incredible the healing last weekend was for me. It was without any psychedelics but it was the most transformational and psychedelic experience I’ve ever had.

As I lay down and each of you walked into the room, I began to transform almost immediately which is why I was sobbing.

I was sobbing because I didn’t want fear to get in the way so I just filled in with love - love that I felt for every one of you, the love I have for myself and the trust I have in the experience of the healing.

That moved me into a realm that I never really experienced or touched before. As Miguel, the healer, said, I was truly dancing in the world of the living on the right and dancing in the world of the dead on the left.

I know that sounds maybe scary to some or ridiculous to others, although I don’t think the people in the room felt that way. That is truly what it was. It was as if Miguel and I and each and every one of you who created the web of healing for me were experiencing that too. Whenever I opened my eyes and saw Miguel doing something, it was as if my body was doing it too. I think you noticed that.

Actually, early on I felt a hand on my chest and well, it was actually my hand and it was cold and got really cold and I just kind of let go to the healing and that was it. Then, all of the sudden, the hand was our grandfather - the universal life source that is everything, that when we die, the information goes back to and can be summoned as anybody’s grandfather, and it came to me as Beth’s grandfather

It kept telling me to tell her that everything was going to be ok, everything was going to be ok on this side and everything would be ok on the other side. Although I wasn’t saying anything because I could hardly talk, I was just sobbing, I was kind of arguing saying I didn’t want to say anything, that I don’t want to disturb the ceremony.

Finally, Grandfather won and I spoke and told Beth that everything was going to be ok, that her grandfather told me. I argued with him, that I want to stay; I don’t want it to just be okay in the world of the dead - even though I understand that more deeply than I ever had - I want to heal.

In the next moment, my body was on fire – every cell – it was a cold fire, not hot or burning. It was comfortable. It was as if I was in the world with Grandfather and something else was filling my body.

That was how Miguel explained it. When you do a healing ceremony, you have to go into the world of the dead, you have to die to heal.

That was the first round, there were three more rounds
That’s all I have to say at the moment.
The time limit has ended.

It was incredible.”

Transcribed by: cauch

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