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Voice Post: Ghostdancing Part III

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Jan. 27th, 2007 | 03:29 pm

638K 3:33
“Ghostdancing was also what, according to Miguel, what the North Americans or Native Americans were doing, for example, Sitting Bull at the Battle of Wounded Knee before they were massacred. It spread like a wave across the US. As the Native Americans were dancing and honoring their ancestors, it appeared to non-native Americans as drunkenness and mad behavior and there were reports of spirits chasing away Army men and stuff like that, supposedly.

It was truly revolutionary. In fact it was outlawed for many years until the Native Americans were granted well some aspects of their sovereignty over their own religion and way of life.

You know, although I truly believe that the healing ceremony is helping me heal physically, the battle is not over yet.

I just got the news that my PSA is a little higher and I may have to change my drug regimen a little more on Monday; in other words, the chemo is no longer working or working as well

I don’t feel any less confident that this healing is truly transformational healing for me. I’m much more content and I am very willing and able to continue this battle in my life.

I certainly don’t mean to make any correlation between me and a great warrior like Sitting Bull but I feel like a warrior on this path. You know, it’s like the world right now – I have terror cells in my body and people are feeling terrorized in our country and elsewhere and borders no longer are being acknowledged, spreading like a cancer, and nature is not being honored or taken care of.

We’ve fallen out of step with our ancestors and, for me that is what this healing is really about. I ask you all to be ghostdancers, not only for me but for us.

Live in a humble and human way with each other and with this planet.

For me those were the biggest messages out of this healing ceremony and I’m sure I’ll say more about it later.”

Transcribed by: cauch

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