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Voice Post: The Past Three Weeks (continued)

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May. 6th, 2007 | 12:48 am

768K 4:26
“So anyway that’s what I’ve been going through over the past few weeks. It’s certainly been hellish and it’s certainly been a lot of work and continues to be a lot of work to fight it, and to try not get too consumed by it really.

I haven’t really been interested in calling people or talking with people about it. It’s present enough for me to not want to explain it to all of you a million times, and it’s also a matter of energy conservation.

Anyway, I guess I’m rambling little bit.

You know, the other reason that I felt good enough to post this tonight is that Beth and I had a wonderful time in the city. We went to Kabuki Springs and each got a Bliss package where they do a bathing ritual and a massage. It was very healing. That was paid for by some of you all who helped do the fundraiser at Deborah’s a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to all of you in terms of helping to do that, bidding on things and raising some money. It’s certainly helpful to us, especially as we get laden with more medical bills and also to have the opportunity to get a massage or something like that once in a while is really wonderful. I am eternally grateful for all of that.

What else do I have to say?

I’m thinking about doing another journal here at some point – not so much about what’s going on with me medically but more so about remarkable moments in my life that I’ve been wanting to document and talk about and share.

Stay tuned for that. I might start that. That will be a closed - it will start off anyway as a closed journal – invite only, but I’d be curious to hear who is interested.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about, “What do you do when things keep getting worse?”

The only real thing you can do is to adapt and to cherish what you do have. I am certainly thankful that I still have all of my limbs; I still have feeling in all of my limbs; I still have sight and sound and taste and certainly I love being able to experience my body when it is functioning. It’s much more difficult when it is not.

I suppose one upside to all of this has been that it certainly makes the simple things – having a body and enjoying it in moments without pain or discomfort – wonderful.

It’s easy to overlook that a lot.

Yeah, I guess that’s it for now, I don’t have a lot more to say, at the moment anyway.

This is Jeremy signing off.”

Transcribed by: cauch

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Comments {6}


(no subject)

from: wonderfroggy
date: May. 6th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)

Hi Jeremy,
It's Cecilia (Tisha's friend from Cananda). Thank you so much for posting about your journey. If you would feel comfortable having a stranger on your list, I would be interested in being your friend if you start another journal.

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(no subject)

from: jerumi
date: May. 21st, 2007 05:33 am (UTC)

Thanks Cecilia, I'll keep you informed if and when I actually start the blog. Its nice to know that you are interested.


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Stay Strong

from: kilv
date: May. 8th, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)

Your strength gives us strength, and I hope ours likewise grants you strength.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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From Nina

from: anonymous
date: May. 10th, 2007 12:35 pm (UTC)

If you do start that other journal, I would love to follow along and read your thoughts.
I think about you so much and send all my love in your direction whenever I think of you.

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Hi Jeremy,

from: kolakoski
date: May. 17th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)

I know this is a late comment for this entry, but I have to say that I think a new journal is a fantastic idea. This current LJ is a wonderful tool to inform the many, many, many people who love you and are concerned about your illness; however, a blog about "remarkable moments in my life that I’ve been wanting to document and talk about and share" would be invaluable in many ways. I would cherish the chance to read it.

Always with you in spirit,

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Re: Hi Jeremy,

from: jerumi
date: May. 21st, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)

Thanks Mike, yeah I'm still trying to muster up the, um, ....... energy or balls. But I think I will get to it and I would certainly like you to be a part of it. I feel like such a bad blogger in that I seldom read, and much less respond to other people's stuff, so why would anyone want to spend time on mine.

It was nice to hear your voice the other day.

(your brother in law - still a funny thing to think about for me)

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