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Voice Post: Just Before the Ceremony

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May. 20th, 2006 | 06:44 pm

649K 3:38
“Hi, well it’s just before I do the shamanic healing ceremony here in Malibu, and I’m pretty excited by it. I can tell you a few things about what I know the ceremony is going to be like. The shaman, his name is Michael Stuart Ani and he spent several years with the Yanomami when he was young and he traveled around and has studied with a lot of other shamans and just recently got back from doing some prayers with the Hopi, and the Navajo and the Lakota (Jeremy say's Havasupai, but was mistaken) elders and when he was with them he asked them for guidance in this healing and also asked them to pray with him to help me heal. And they did and they told him everything was looking good for the healing. So that’s all looking good for me.

And all I know about the actual ceremony is that it can’t start until nightfall, ‘til sunset. And even so, John and Jia Ching are up at the house right now light proofing the room that its going to take place in because it has to be done in complete darkness in order to sort of help get past our own limitations and perceptions – is what Michael says. Even the stuff in the room that is reflective has to be covered as well as people have to remove reflective jewelry and that kind of stuff. So that’s interesting.

The other ground rules are that women can’t be menstruating; which unfortunately, Bethleigh is right now. And she can’t be inside the space, but she is going to be outside the space, holding that for me, so I’m happy about that.

And what else? Basically, once you are in you stay in until the ceremony ends. And it could last from two hours until all night. Just depends on the spirit and the energy. So who knows how long it will last. Afterwards, we’ll have a big feast. And we’ll have a big bowl of spring water that everyone will drink out of which is part of finishing the ceremony.

Other than that, I’m feeling really good – feeling really good this week, actually. I attribute that to the lupron treatments which I will tell you more about and the alternate medicine that I have been doing and taking. And also all the love and prayers. It’s all been working together I think. Definitely at least as far as the doctors say subjectively in terms of my own experience I have more energy, I can breathe more deeply, And I feel good – it’s a good sign that that the treatments are working and the starting to kill the cancer, starting to recede from the parts of my bones that it set up camp in. Anyway, I will tell you more later, after the ceremony. Ok, wish me luck. Talk to you later, bye-bye.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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