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Voice Post: After the ceremony and setting Grandma’s headstone.

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May. 22nd, 2006 | 12:46 pm

604K 3:21
“Hi again.

So it is 2 days after the Shamanic ceremony. I have to say it was intense, and a beautiful and powerful ceremony. I’ll explain in more detail what happened later.

Some of the highlights were just being in the room, and at one point, Michael Stuart had me sitting next to the altar, and he was chanting next to my back. My job was to focus on where the cancer was in my body. At the moment that I was most mentally clear on where it was in my body, I swear, every time I was right there with it, he would suck and spit it out of my body.

It felt like that was happening – it was just being pulled out of these painful spots and spit out!
That was really, really amazing.

Also what I think was amazing and healing was towards the end of the ceremony, he asked everyone to say a prayer for me. Being in that space and listening to it, listening to the integrity of the people and the clarity and taking in all that love and support was pretty awesome.

Shortly after, that was when the ceremony ended.
I felt invigorated.
That was great!

I guess I’ll probably have to make another post later if people are interested. It’s taking me a while to digest it.

This weekend was definitely intense for me, being in LA, spending time with Beth, and being with all my friends; the Shamanic ceremony; and then on Sunday, setting my grandmother’s headstone.

Which was also a real beautiful experience.

It was short and sweet and my dad said some really wonderful words about my grandmother, as did my grandfather. It was really touching to me when he was talking about my grandmother and he started crying and said,
“I love you Norma and you’ll never be forgotten.”

It ended with my uncle playing the dulcimer with his young nephew and two nieces. A song they ad written about my grandmother that was, basically,
“We love you Norma and we’ll never forget you.”

That was a real sweet occasion.

That’s about it.
I hope you are enjoying this journal, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Transcribed by: cauch

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